Bow-ties are individualistic, capture attention and add remarkable grace to your personality, but only if selected wisely. That’s why you need to know where you can buy bow ties in Toronto.


Bowties have been worn for as long as the common neckties. They add an individualistic touch to the personality. That’s the reason you should buy Bow Ties that suit your style.


But buying good bow ties can be difficult in Toronto, especially if you don’t have much idea about this accessory to begin with. Don’t worry! You can still find yourself good bowties, once you know the best place to purchase and tips to choose one that suits your requirements.



Gold Yellow Bow Tie Set / Wedding Bow Tie Set 



The question isn’t where to buy Bow Ties from Toronto, but it rather is, ‘How to buy bowties in Toronto?’ The answer is simple—online stores. Stores that basically deal with bowties and neckties, have specialized range of personal and professional, wholesale and retail accessories for men should be the perfect place to buy these bowties.


When it comes to purchasing bowties, make sure that you have ample knowledge and idea about the accessory. For instance, you should be acquainted with these types mentioned below:


Pre-tied with adjustable neck-band- Perfect for those who don’t wear bow-ties regularly. Convenient to use.


Pre-tied clip on bow- Perfect for those who are young and need something that’s comfortable and can be worn pretty quickly. Recommended for young boys, such as ring bearers or food service workers.


Self-Tied- There is something so remarkably awesome about self-tied bowties. They are great for everyone. In fact, those tiny little flaws in the tying make them more individualistic!


Apart from the tying style, it is the cut that should be taken into consideration while buying bow ties. For instance, butterfly styled bow ties are best for wider lapels and double breasted jackets, while regular batwing bow tie is great for casual events. Other styles include pointed end bow tie and the classic bowties.


Paradise Green Bow Tie Set / Wedding Bow Tie Set



When you buy Bow Ties, understand that they come in varied fabrics and textures, the most common one being silk. But those can be costly, so you can go for synthetic items with similar sheen. Make sure that you read about the fabric before making a purchase online so that you don’t pay heavily for a quality that isn’t worth the price.


Similarly, choose patterns wisely. For instance, multi-coloured checks, seersucker and pastel tones look great when it comes it summer bowties. They can be purchased in cotton. Otherwise, go for black bowties for a dapper look! There are other styles and textures such as ribbed designs, wool worsted and formal pique style that can be worn on different occasions.


So, go ahead! Experiment with different styles and combinations, from checker prints to polka dots and revamp your style.