Use these simple tips to make the most of those stripes hanging in your closet. When you want something out of the ordinary, stripes solve your purpose well. In fact, these tips help you stand out from the crowd and make the most of mens striped ties.




Matching Ties with Striped Shirt




There was a time when men were obsessed with the idea of not wearing the same shirt stripes with ties that had stripes. But times have changed. Today, you can easily try out all the experiments with stripes. Striped shirts are an all-time favourite with men but the trick is to know what to wear with it. The kind of trousers, ties, cufflinks etc. This is your guide to sporting those stripes right.



Colour of the tie

If your shirt is striped, it will come with more than one colour. You will obviously have more than one colour. Find out what the pronounced colour of your striped shirt is and choose a tie which has the same colour as the one dominant on your shirt or pick a close coordinate. If you have a blue striped shirt, you can pair it with gold or beige.



Scale of stripes



Scale of Striped Ties




When you are planning to wear a striped tie with your striped shirt, just look at the scale of the stripes in both the tie and the shirt. The basics are simple; the scales of the stripes in your shirt should be of a different from that on your tie. So basically you have to choose a thin-striped shirt with a thick-striped tie. And the two should run in different directions.



When choosing patterns with stripes

This can be a lethal combination. So the next time you match other tie patterns with your striped shirt, make sure the colour coordination is perfect. For instance, paisley ties with a blue striped shirt can be in dull gold paisley print.



What suit to choose with striped shirts



Matchiing Suit with Strped Shrts & Ties




Suits look perfect with striped shirts. But if you choose the wrong colour combination, you will make a mess of it. For instance, you can’t wear a charcoal suit with a pink mens striped ties. This is a contrast off balance.



The myth around pinstripes

If you think a striped shirt won’t go too well with a pinstripe suit, think again. It’s all about pairing them well. Striped shirts look great with a pinstripe suit. You just have to ensure that the scales of the stripes are not the same. You basically have to avoid a stripe overload here.


Just use these simple formulae and make those striped shirts make a fashion statement like never before. You need a perfect mix of stripes, colour contrasts and a bit of experimentation to get the rules right. 


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