Around the world, black tie remains the pinnacle for formal apparel even after hundreds of years. If you too have received an invitation to a wedding stating ‘black tie affair’, there are some important tips you need to go over. From the cut of your tuxedo to the color of your tie, this elaborative column takes care of everything.


Men in Black Tie



Buying wedding tie sets could be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are looking for. Getting ready for a ‘black tie’ wedding can be tricky without proper information. A lot of the people end up wearing wrong things because of the misinterpretation. To make sure you are on the right track, follow these simple tips to choose the best wedding attire.


Invest in a quality piece

Many people think that since they will be wearing black tie only a few times in a year, they can go economical. But the thing is, when your black tie is cheap, it shows. Buy the black tie attire which is well made and will fit you perfectly. Pay attention to small details for example, the braiding on trousers should match with the facing fabric on lapels and the button fabric. Also, you can make a pass for satin and instead choose grosgrain silk which looks more elegant and chic.


The perfect lapel

Experts say that a peak lapel is the best as opposed to shawl lapel because the latter needs more careful effort to adorn. Also, avoid a notch lapel at any cost if you are wearing a black tie. All the mediocre and inexpensive dinner jackets have a notch lapel so avoid them. The safest bet is peak lapel which also draws out the shape of shoulders and makes you look athletic.


Bow tie


Black Bow Ties

A bow tie is as necessary as the whole black tie attire itself. Buy a bow tie made of the same stuff as the front material of the suit, for example if the front of the suit is satin, wear a satin bow tie. And stick to the traditional colors, don’t experiment with the patterns. A wedding affair calls for a serious formal occasion and you don’t want to end up looking like a clown.


Choose vintage velvet

A lot of people prefer dinner jackets made of velvet because of the classic appearance it offers. If you too want to sport a velvet dinner jacket, make sure that it fits you really well. Moreover, don’t wear it with overall velvet attire; instead of velvet trousers choose smart black trousers.


Midnight blue vs. black

Another worrisome question men ask is what’s better, traditional black or midnight blue? Experts suggest that midnight blue is perfect for you in the evening weeding affairs where the light will remain low. It seems that in a low glow, midnight blue offers a highly rich look that black doesn’t. if you are comfortable with it, go for the midnight blue.




Shirt with Black Tie


As to the right shirt, wear one with turn down collar instead of a wing collar. An elegant pleated front part works best with the black tie wedding occasion. Don’t forget to make sure it is a double cuff with a facing placket to envelop the buttons.


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