There are actually very fewer options for men to try out something new which denotes their fashion and style statement. But out of the few options, Men’s Ties are of the one great option to consider matching with their style. Moreover it's a primary thing when you are wearing suits, so a tie is a must have which should complement well with your suit. As we know there are limited and simple designs which are usually available in the market. The Men’s Ties HQ have vast variations in the stock of ties with different designs and colours in it. Even I too personally got flattened with the designs and colours. This comes in handy when you are into a corporate job as you have to wear a tie daily in your office. Even you too sometimes get bored with your same old style ties. Let me give you an overview of the different patterns of ties which will help you in deciding the best one.

Dotted Style Ties: This is one of the styles which never goes out and always remains on trend. Actually it is kind of tie to which we can give the caption an "Evergreen" style which lasts for long. As this name depicts, the dots are designed in a different style to tie where the dots could be designed as if it is printed on the tie or it could be woven into it. And the size of the dots denotes the boldness when the size is big.

Paisley design Tie: This style of tie denotes the rich and gives a classy look to a gentleman. This necktie style originates from the British, and originally arrives at East zone. The basic style of this tie reflects only in silk clothes material and it is very popular for the creativeness. The best colour being the dark green tie Geometric pattern Designs: This style is actually very interesting and creative. You might have seen various geometric designs and some of the designs in the geometric come out to be in 3D graphics. And for the 3D effect in the tie, it needs many layers of geometric designed on the tie.

Themed Style Ties: This is the other style which I can say little interesting and dazzling.

This category of tie denotes some specific theme and expressed in the design of it. Well, that depends on you that on which occasion you want it to wear for instance you can tie out a dark green tie which is both descent and funny.

Block plaid Style: This style actually sticks to one specific style, as if it is designed with thick pattern, then you will not find any thin pattern. So that's what this style meant for.

Picking the proper tie is not an easy task because you can find tons of different patterns for guys’ ties. You need to match your tie with your suit and your dress shirt. Ties are available in a wide range of design, shade, style, patterns and material. You have lots to select from.