One would get ample advice about picking up ties according to the shirts one has, but what happens when there is a particular tie you are dying to wear? When one has to get ready in a jiffy, which is actually the case for most of us every weekday morning, there has to be a style-book in place that can be followed without apprehension. So here is a guide that will tell you what to do with plain ties or patterned ties. Read on for the details. 


Light Steel Blue Formal Neckties


When we think about formal clothing for men, there are shirts, trousers, and a tie to go with the shirt. But what if you have a really beautiful tie that you are dying to wear, or if you want to oblige someone by wearing the tie they gifted you? Then you will have to find a shirt that matches it well. And that is advice you rarely find. So here we bring you a few pointers that will help you “tie-dy up” your look and if you want to go for a solid color neckties will help you a lot for the perfect matching.

If we talk about combinations, there’s no harm in playing safe. And so, if you want to shun patterns while you take refuge in solid color neckties, it’s perfectly fine as long as you come across elegant. But if you are planning to wear patterns, there are some combinations that may be too gaudy and make you look confused like crossword puzzle.

Here are some guidelines to help you:

  • Pair dark colored ties with a shirt in a lighter shade of the same color family. For a dark blue or navy tie, wear a light blue shirt. For ties in purple, deep burgundy, or mauve, keep a shirt in pink hues handy.


  • You might do yourself a lot of help by getting yourself a color wheel printout from the Internet and sticking it inside the door of your cupboard. When you like to wear complementary colors, just consult the wheel and you will have your answer. You might end up with combinations like burnt orange and blues, but fret not, these are definitely more adventurous than your white and navy stock, and definitely more appealing.


  • When the occasion demands a look which shows your confidence and control, like an interview, go contrast. Blue shirts with solid burgundy can never go wrong.


  • When we talk patterns, it is a basic rule that the pattern on the shirt is always smaller than the pattern on the tie. The tie pattern should stand out against the shirt, not get lost in it.


  • Textured ties look better than silk ones with checkered shirts. A tie in wool, tweed, seersucker, or knit will add a sense of visual depth when paired against a check pattern.


Whatever you do, keep in mind that at least one element in your wardrobe is plain. So if your shirt and tie are both patterned, keep your jacket or suit in a plain color.

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What is your idea of donning your ties? Let us know in comments.