Skinny ties in Canada are considered a fashion statement although the origination of these ties dates back to 1960s. This thin piece of cloth can make you look elegant and posh. A tie enhances a man’s stature thereby commanding respect from people spontaneously. Skinny ties are a favorite accessory of most men across the world. A few of them augment the richness with a gold tie pin.


Striped skinny ties are perfect for formal, semi-formal and casual occasions. You can knot the skinny ties in various fashions. Using different knots at different occasions makes your dressing neat and appropriate for a particular occasion.


Striped - Aqua/White Skinny Ties



Weddings or Parties – Wearing white shirts with suit is the most elegant attire when you attend weddings of close friends or family. Wearing bright and solid colored skinny ties like red, orange, purple and deep blue makes you look special and noticeable in weddings. Plain skinny ties are best worn in such occasions.


Light Steel Blue Skinny Ties / Wedding Skinny Ties



Interviews or Business MeetsSkinny ties that are plain give a dignified look. It is perfect to wear serene colored ties for formal occasions. Tie pins are a good accompaniment with skinny ties when it comes to formal dressing.


Meeting friends / family – Occasions that are non-ceremonial are mostly casual occasions. Casual wear is the most comfortable fit when it comes to an outfit. A collared shirt with a peppy skinny tie is just perfect for a casual occasion.


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