The vintage look of a bowtie paired with suspenders has always been classy and is becoming a fashion trend. Being old school, the look doesn’t ask for much revamping. It demands to be worn with a predefined set of rules. Getting it right could be pretty simple if a certain set of guidelines are followed.

Most men who tend to buy bow ties also purchase a suspender to go with it proving that the vintage look is snapping back in style. For over a century, the classic bowtie-suspender look has made headlines. It could be models walking on the ramp or movie actors hinting at an era of the 80’s, the look never gets old. A definitive thing to note about the bow tie-suspender look is the fact that it remains the favorite of the young and the old alike. It isn't the first time that fashion has retrograded back to origins. Before getting excited about the look, there are a few rules that need to be kept in mind to prevent a faux pass.


1.       The Bow Tie

The bow tie has always been the definition of sophistication when it comes to men’s fashion. Worn with a tuxedo, it gives nothing less of a royal look. When coupling it with a suspender, one needs to take care of the size of the bow. Available in small, medium and large, a small bow tie should be reserved for men with a petite structure. A medium bow tie is the usual go to option for most men.  Generally, a white and a black bow tie are reserved for special events. For a casual event, a colorful matte patterned tie works just fine.

2.       The Suspenders

Going old school with this wardrobe choice, there are a set of rules which need to be followed. Suspenders, like bow ties, are available in different sizes of length and strap width. It is preferable to choose a suspender with a strap width between thin to medium and broad straps are a choice for older men. The size of the suspender is determined through the torso length. The key role of a suspender, apart from bringing in style, is to hold the pants in position. Hence, pairing it with a belt is a huge no.

Styles Of Wearing

The bowtie suspender look can be worn in either of the following styles.



  • Monochrome Schemes



Bow Ties with Suspenders




Velvet Bow Tie with Suspenders




The traditional way to wear a bow tie and a suspender is to choose both in the same color. When it comes to blazers and suits, the lack of color options is compensated by colorful ties, bow ties, braces and suspenders. But if trying at a combination, this could lead to a possible mismatch. The monochrome scheme proves to be a simple, trusted winner. If one must, using different shades of the same color could also be tried.



  • Polychrome Schemes



Blue Bow Tie With Suspender


Though safe, monochrome schemes could be a little boring. Bowties and suspenders of different and complementing colors are more in vogue. But it should be kept in mind that the color combination should include one dark and one bright/soft color to keep the look balanced.


It’s very easy to pull off this classic look by keeping these steps in mind and it goes to show that old indeed is gold. So, go ahead and buy bow ties with suspenders and make a fashion statement.