Wearing bow ties and suspenders can give you a different look among the lot. However, without following a set of rules of wearing those, can lead to a fashion disaster, and you can be ridiculed. Remembering your size, occasion, and the color combination can bring out the best out of this combination.

While wearing any outfit for any occasion, one should make sure that the outfit carries a statement by means of its totality. The totality not only comes from the quality of the outfit, but also from the combination of colors the person is wearing. Moreover, it is also important to note that whether the outfit is suitable for the occasion or not.


Mens Bow Ties with Suspenders

Suspenders and mens bow ties are always a classic combination for any occasion. This combination gives a different kind of look and presence. However, while using this particular combination, one has to keep a set of things in mind. Else, the entire thing can prove to be a fashion disaster.


Tenet for suspenders

Like any other fashion accessories, a few things are needed to be remembered while wearing a suspender. Though it can give a very lavishly liberated look, if a few things are not followed, it can ruin the entire show, rather than ruling it. Before wearing any suspender, one should be very aware of its size. “One size fits all” – it doesn’t really go with suspenders. If your built is quite above average, then you should use wide suspenders, and if your built is below average, then the thin size can suit you the best. And if you are thinking of wearing your new leather belt with it, then you should drop the idea. If suspenders can do the job alone, then why will you need a belt?


Tenet for bow ties

Just like the suspenders, bow ties also follow the rule of sizes, and it is comparatively complicated. First, the size of the bow tie should be in accordance with your size. If you are planning to attend any formal occasion, then the size of the bow tie should be medium. If the occasion is informal or laid-back, then the size should be large. If your built is below average, then it will be better to wear a small bow tie. And last but not the least, shiny ones are for formal occasions, and the less shiny ones are for the informal occasions.


How to combine both

In case you are confused with the color combination, then you should not go for any kind of experiment. The most secure stake would be to wear suspenders and mens bow ties of identical color. However, for giving a personal touch, two depths of the same color can be used respectively. Apart from that, complementary colors can also be used for this purpose.



Bow Ties with Suspenders in 2015 Trends


This is a brief guide to the fashion lovers, craving to wear this combination. Follow these guidelines, and you will be ready to steal the show.