Ties are an ultimate accessory for men, which can make or break an outfit. While suits may seem generally plain, a tie can add the required amount of sophistication, style and classiness to the ensemble. Plus, their variety of designs, colours and fabrics ensure that you can team them up with different types of ensembles.


Getting your hands on wedding tie sets isn’t difficult. You can easily order them online for a group. What’s challenging is how you actually tie a tie, particularly for a festive occasion like wedding. But you don’t have to worry! Just use this as your guide for tying a tie for a wedding and you will be good to go!



 Steps in how to tie a tie for wedding



One you buy wedding tie sets, acquaint yourself with different types of tying a tie. For instance, there is a four-in-hand tie knot, which is very common and can be used for social outing and parties. Then, there is the half-Windsor knot, which is symmetrical and looks like inverted triangle. It is good for job interviews and business meetings. A more sophisticated version of the same is the full-Windsor knot, which has a larger knot section and appears highly formal. Usually, Full-Windsor knot is what you tie for weddings.



Tie the Full-Windsor knot using following steps:


  • 1) Choose to buy matching wedding tie sets


  • 2) Start by placing the wide tail of the tie over the thin tail.


  • 3) Bring the wide tail behind the thin tail and create a loop. Ensure that the wide tail is on the right side


  • 4) Now, turn wide tail through the loop. Bring it behind the knot, so that it is inside out.


  • 5) Place your finger over the knot and move the wide tail back up the loop. Now, bring it back through the loop.


  • 6) Go ahead and tighten the knot using both hands


  • 7) When you are satisfied with the knot, draw it up to the collar



Apart from the full-Windsor knot, you can also use a skinny tie knot using following steps:


  • 1) Wrap tail one over tail two


  • 2) Take tail one behind tail two


  • 3) Wrap tail one across and over your finger, which should be placed at intersection


  • 4) Now, bring the same tail behind the knot through the loop


  • 5) Go ahead and bring tail one through the hole created by your finger


  • 6) When satisfied, tighten the knot.



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