When you select a tie, you should take care that it matches the rest of your attire, your style, and most importantly – your attitude.


As it comes to skinny ties, which are ties that have a width of or less than 2.5 inches, they are generally favored by the younger crowd. If we put aside the age factor, there are some more things that you should keep in mind that will land you the perfect skinny necktie. Read on to be a little more informed on the accessory that will hang around your neck for a better part of the day.


  • Measure it up: The rule of thumb is to match the lapels of your suit jacket with the tie’s width. Most modern European cut suits are perfect to be paired up with skinny ties. However, take care that the suit is single breasted and does not have any more than three buttons.


  • Knot it right: The four-in-hand knot is what the skinny tie is made for. Sleek ties demand a sleek knot, and that is what gives you a modern, edgier look. For added personality, wear it a little on the loose side.


  • Mirror, mirror: The skinny tie looks best on tall and slender men. This tie suits someone who looks like it! If you are big and pride yourself on your muscular figure, skip this tie.


  • Color it up: As far as colors go, the rule is the same as for regular neckties: go for solid skinny ties color for formal occasions and bright for casual.


Wearing a skinny tie is all about proportions. After you have selected the tie, a simple tie-bar and a pocket square is all you need to be dressed to kill.


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