Fashion changes every day and this not only happens in casual wear but also in official wears. There are different dress codes acceptable for different events and regions. One should always be informed of the right dress code for every place or event he or she is attending. To keep yourself up to date with the latest fashion on dressing, thorough research should constantly be done.

Check on the trends over the internet or by visiting various sellers to see what they stock. The wrong dress code can be costly for example a job seeker going for an interview to fill an official position is expected to wear official looking clothes, namely a suit with a tie.  If one attends the interview casually in such a case, he or she is likely to be overlooked for the job. Ties are among the official attires for official wear. This article will discuss how to select the right tie for any occasion.

Size and shape

Ties fasten around the neck; they need to be of accurate measurements. The size and shape of a tie disregard the type. The size of the tie should be proportional to the other clothes worn by a person. A fitting suit will not look nice if worn with a very wide tie. On the other hand, if the suit were not fitting, it would be odd to match it with a slim tie.


Different types of ties are made of different materials. Their fabric in most cases will determine the prices of the ties. Ties for men can be made of silk, cashmere, cotton and so on. The different materials have differing features such as durability as well as ironing requirements. The quality of the ties made of different materials also differs significantly. As such, select a tie whose fabric you are comfortable with.

The slipknot

A slipknot will allow the tying and untying of ties for men for a long time without quick wear and tear. It allows easy adjustment of the tie over time without interfering with its original shape thereby ensuring a long life for the ties. Some ties will have the slipknots while others will not have them. As such, when you are buying a tie, you should be careful to check whether it has the slipknot based on your preferences.


Many tie design options exist. They can be categorized broadly into woven ties and print ties. The printed ties are those whose colors are printed directly on the tie fabric. The woven ties use different colored threads. The design of the tie will be guided by different factors such as the design of the shirt as well as the pants.

In conclusion, proper selection of the pool not only make one look smart but also organized. It is also crucial to know what kind of shirts, pants, and suits that match specific ties. Proper selection should not only be limited to ties for men in Canada but should also be done on other attires to ensure one remains in fashion. Otherwise, you will keep on spending money buying expensive clothes, but they give you the feeling you desire while wearing them.