Yes it’s no cakewalk and yes it can take some time to understand these tips well and apply them to daily life. But once you learn the trick, you’ll know how simple this really is. So don’t waste another day walking into a meeting with the wrong combination of tie with your striped shirt!

Striped Tie with Striped Shirt

So your closet is overloaded with strip shirts? Some of them haven’t even seen the light of the day just because you haven’t had the tie to pair up with them. But what about those striped ties you have? Sounds like a fashion disaster, doesn’t it! May be not. What’s slowly emerging as a great trend, not followed by many but dared by some, is matching a striped tie with similar shirts. Just when you thought stripes were so-no-cool, they came back yet again. And this time around, fashion experts have a piece of advice for you to follow while pairing those stripes together!

Solid color suits


Black Strped Tie With Blue Shirt

When you are wearing any pattern twice, you must soften it out by using a solid color. In this case, if your shirt and tie, both have stripes, go with a suit in a solid color. This is easy to follow. For instance, you recently bought a tie in pink stripes and your shirt is the same, even it out by trying something like a beige blazer that’s both subtle and simple. At the same time, make sure the contrast is simple and never too loud. Keep the combinations very simple and sober.

Different sizes of patterns


Blue Striped Tie with Light Blue Shirt



Now this is quite interesting, for the simple reason that it’s easy to follow. So fashion experts advise you to always follow this rule while buying mens striped ties: the stripes of your shirt and stripes of your tie should be different sizes. In most cases, men go with thick stripes on the tie. In this case, go with thin stripes on the shirt. And why do they ask you to not wear stripes of the same thickness? Now you don’t want to look like an optical illusion do you? Even better, try and keep the contrast between the sizes of the stripes more. Let the tie’s stripes be really thin if the shirt has heavy patterns. Also, make sure that the stripes don’t lean in the same direction. This would make you look really funny.

Complimenting colors


Man Wearing Striped Tie

The rule is simple—the colors should coordinate. For the simple reason, that too many contrasts and combinations spoil the fun. The colors of your shirt and tie should coordinate with each other. Make sure the blue is going with yellow or choose a light blue with navy blue. It is important to note here that sometimes different shades of the same color mens striped ties do the trick more than anything else.

If you are going to choose combinations for formal occasions, it’s best to go with stripes that are contrasting in different shades of the same color. On the other hand, for any casual event, a fun mix of colors looks quite interesting.