It can be very confusing at times to find a matching tie for your shirt. There are certain occasions where you need to maintain the basic decorum with regards to your attire. In this article, you will find some helpful tips which might help you when it comes to matching plain color ties with your shirts.


For any fashionable man, it’s the first and foremost thing to have all the accessories in sync with his outfit. And one such vital accessory for any man is none other than his tie. If a tie goes well with the outfit, it can enhance the style quotient instantly, but if you malfunction while choosing the right kind of tie for your shirt, it can lead you to serious fashion disaster. If you want to avoid this situation, go through the given tips to match plain ties with your shirt and get inspired!



Plain Ties for your Shirt

What Leads to the Confusion?

If you are planning to put on a multicolored or a designer tie, then matching the tie can become much easier, as a multicolored tie can be worn with any type of shirt. The problem arises when you opt for plain color ties.It can be extremely difficult to match these types of ties with your shirt. The reason being, you need to be absolutely spot-on with the shade and the color of the tie. Unlike multicolored ties, where one color or the other tends to match with the shade of your shirt, these ties don’t allow you with that kind of privilege.


What are the Colors You Should Opt for?

If you have a fascination towards plain colored ties, then you need to be very selective with the colors. There are some common colors which tend to match with any type of shed. Here they are


  • Deep Blue
  • Red
  • Maroon
  • Gray
  • Brown


Do you think there is one color which is missing from the list? You are right. It is the black color which has been left out. It is true that black can be a perfect match with any color; however, when it comes to your tie, a plain black color might look odd. Deep Blue can be a perfect alternative to a black color tie.



 Various Plain Color Ties




Selecting the Color Combination

Now that you know the tie colors that you should look for, it is time to know about the color combination. Here are some tips which might help


  • Contrasting Combinations: In case of plain ties, always go for a contrasting color combination. A blue tie with a white shirt, for example.
  • Analogous Combination: This is very classy style. Here, the colors of your tie and shirts can be different within the same family of shades. A light blue shirt with a deep blue tie for an example or a pink shirt with a red tie.



 Green Color Plain Tie



If used with the right combination, the plain color ties look really very attractive. As a matter of fact, these ties are most common for official and formal occasions. These ties though formal, are quite elegant and give the user with a much refined look.