Pocket squares through online shopping destinations are a great way to enhance a very plain formal look. An otherwise mundane looking suit or even a jacket can be greatly enhanced in appeal by a neatly organised pocket square. There are many ways of folding a pocket square – it all depends on the occasion you are wearing the suit to and how much time or enthusiasm you have to fold it. A simple fold is the basic one point fold the steps for which have been explained.


Polka Dots Pocket Square


  • One point pocket square
  • Two point pocket square
  • Three point pocket square
  • Flat pocket square
  • Puff pocket square
  • Four mountains pocket square
  • Three stairs pocket square


These are all folding patterns of pocket squares which in themselves are just like handkerchiefs but usually of a different material such as satin or silk. The one point fold is the basic and easiest fold of all styles of pocket squares (apart from the flat pocket square which looks a little too plain at times).



Steps to fold Pocket Square



Here are 5 simple steps to create the one point pocket square fold:

  1. Iron the pocket square, lightly if it is satin or silk.
  2. Fold it in halfway so that a triangle is formed.
  3. Fold one corner of the triangle halfway towards the middle and the other end in the same way.
  4. Turn the pocket square and place it on a table.
  5. Lift it gently and place it in the pocket with the flat base towards the inside of the pocket so that the single point can be seen from the outside of the pocket.



Pocket Square


Pocket squares should be in sync with the tie one is wearing but they need not essentially be of the exact same shade. So, buy pocket squares online and experiment with fashion this season.