You have picked out your wedding suit with much precision and contemplation, complimented it with the right pair of designer shoes, and now it is time to invest in a good wedding tie set. It is this piece of accessory, which will finally decide on the overall demeanor of your suit and enhance your looks on your D-Day. Therefore, here are some quick tips to help you buy the right tie for your marriage.


Picking out the right color: One of the first things that strike you when you go looking for a tie is its color. If your wedding reception is dominant by a theme, go for that theme color. In other situations go for a black formal tie if your wedding gathering borders on the formal with tuxedos going with suits. For those who are not very fond of jazzy colors opt for silvers and grays while oranges, reds and gold go well for autumn and spring weddings. To give your attire a cool look, pick out shades of green, blue or mauves.


Style: Do you have a stout and well-built physique or have a slender, brawny structure? For the former body types traditional ties with broader middle portions are apt accessories while for the latter group of men skinny ties are the best bet. If you are not in favor of either type, go for the trendier varieties of bow ties.


Pattern: Wedding tie sets can come in myriad patterns from formal plain solid ties to paisleys, geometric patterns and plaids. Striped ties give your occasion a more formal aura while paisley ties are perfect for weddings, which are of a more informal in nature. The former are chosen according to the stripe color which should go with the suit while the latter can mix and match several colors of your wedding theme. Plaid ties are best for informal winter or fall weddings with a splash of warm colors while geometric patterns come with squares, herringbones, chevrons and loads more.


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