A wedding is the time when one has to get rid of his everyday solid or striped tie and do something elegant to match with the tone of the occasion. However, one should not think that there are very few options to select ties sets for weddings. Just to give you an idea of the wide variety of styles available, we can mention a few – silk ties, paisleys, and bow ties. These are some of the styles that you can find in various colors, and just imagine the number of options you’ll have.


A representative from Bestow says, “A wedding means a tuxedo and tie, and if not that, then a dark suit and tie. If you are going for a monochrome suit, then it is imperative to have a tie that will add some drama to your attire. After all, it’s a very special day of your life. You have every right to look the best.”


If you are wearing a tuxedo, then a bow tie would be the perfect choice to set your face off. The idea of wearing a bow tie is that it draws attention to your face, while keeping everything else in proportion but not overwhelming. In a formal outfit, the contrast that the shirt makes against the buttoned jacket gives the illusion of broad shoulders and a thin waist. However, if you want to wear a necktie, wear it with a suit.


According to a representative from Bestow’s style department, “If the wedding you have in mind is a storybook wedding, it means that it has to be formal, picturesque, and memorable. It is a lot about the aesthetics. A groom, dressed in monochrome, with a one piece standing out – such as a tie, would perfectly play his part. His best feature – his bride – will shine besides him.”


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