A necktie completes any man’s attire and even speaks the most out of all. A necktie explains so many things about the person as well as the occasion especially about the purpose. A neck tie might be worn occasionally to weddings and formal parties, but it is an essential part of your attire when it comes to your business or professional dress code. Almost all professional attires call for a neck tie to be an indispensable component, but choosing the right neck tie for your profession, your level of work and occasion is what makes you look like a real gentleman.



If you are the leader

If it is a business event where you have to lead everything, hold the command and build trust, you can choose solid colored ties. Red is a power color that depicts strength and passion; while the lighter shades like pink help in building trust. If you are leading a project and want to convey a sense of ambition, pick up a glossy, shiny neck tie, possibly in silk or stain fabric. Printed or matte neck ties are subtle alternatives to holding the command. All shades of red are considered business class.



Financial business purpose

Business Purpose Ties

Among finance executives, purple is the color to create lasting first impressions. The color depicts royalty and wealth. The color purple even makes you stand out of the crowd but don’t make yourself distracting. You can lighten the tone by picking stripes in purple. Multi colored neckties are also getting popular among the young people in the finance domain.



Upscale dinners

Upscale Dinner Ties

Black has been doing its magic in all the upscale dinners where many business decisions are taken informally.  Black color can even make you look arrogant so you can pick smart grey shades with shiny finish for that polished impressive look. Silver neckties can also help you for such high profile dinners.



Among the colleagues

The business does not involve only the outer world but there are tasks within the institution as well. Yellow is a traditional color in Canada reflecting radiance and vitality. You can pick this optimistic and positive outlook when approaching your colleagues. Brown is considered more casual and can be opted for a casual business environment. Do not pick a shade to reflect a dull personality.


All business purpose

All Business Purpose Ties

A wrong choice of tie can send out a wrong signal, so if you are afraid about the same, an all-business purpose neck tie is blue colored tie. Blue neck tie is the safest to wear to all business events and meetings. The calming effect helps soothing monotonous, daily office routines and few blue silk designer neck ties can help you for some special occasions. A navy blue shade for a necktie is like all-time classic business attire.