While women love to dress up for weddings, men these days are not too far behind. However, there is not much that men can do to change their look. There are only few accessories men can play with to try a new look or look stylish. Ties are probably the only and best accessory men have got when it comes to dressing up for formal occasion.

A wedding is a very special occasion and everybody wants to look attractive on that day. Though, this occasion is fully utilized by the bride and ladies, grooms and men too can make it count! After all, they are the other important party in this event. They have every right to look attractive and trendy. And ties are one of those options that can make you really stylish.


One Item That Can Change your Entire Look

Though men don’t use thousand accessories that women use, however, they can certainly add some extra spark to their wedding dress. Any idea what is being referred to? It is wedding ties. These days varieties of wedding tie sets are available, which can certainly help you stand out among the crowd on that special day. So, if you are wondering how to tie the knot in style on weddings for 2015, here are the answers of all your queries.   


What are the Different Types of Wedding Ties Available?

Let’s look at some of the different types of wedding ties for men:


  • Neck TiesNeck ties are the most conventional types of wedding tie sets. When it comes to wedding, there has to be something special in order to make them look different. Wedding neckties are available in different designs and styles, for example; plaid ties, striped ties, Polka/Geometric Dot Ties, Floral/Paisley Ties, Conversational Ties and Solid Ties.


  • Skinny Ties: If you are looking for something which is easy to manage and yet looks attractive, then skinny ties is best option for you. These ties are available in different colors and textures. Some of the most common types of Skinny Ties are; Solid Skinny Ties, Striped Skinny Ties, Plaid Skinny Ties. Apart from these, other varieties of these ties are also available.


  • Bow Ties: If you wish to add a touch of aristocracy on this special event, then you can go for the bow ties. They look elegant and can add a lot of grace to your suit.


What Does a Wedding Tie Set Consist of?

There are no standards when it comes to the items included in a wedding tie set. Different brands use different combinations. However, there are some common items which can be found in a typical wedding tie set which include:


  • Ties:  There can be neck ties, skinny ties or bow ties


  • Pocket Square: These items usually come in vibrant colors, matching the color of the tie in the set.


  • Tie Bars: You would not like your tie flying all over the place! That can be really distracting. Tie Bars can help you sort it out


  • Cufflinks: Some of the sets of wedding ties come with cufflinks. A pair of matching cufflinks can make a lot of difference to your entire appearance.


Wedding tie sets are very popular among different sections of the society. Though they are mainly used in European weddings, these items are getting popular among other countries as well. So, if you want to make your ‘big day’ really special, try the most elegant and charismatic tie sets and keep everyone open-eyed with wonder!