How many time have we heard people say that the wedding is “all about the bride”? Once too often! Sure, on the big day all eyes are on the bride, her dress, accessories, the pretty bridesmaids and more. But what about the groom? A wedding is about two people exchanging vows so the dude and his friends need some of the spotlight as well.


Let’s delve into the groomsmen fashion trends and check out styles that can make these stand-up-guys look suave and snazzy. So what’s their garb going to be?  Traditional matching tuxedo or the classic cutting edge suits? Wedding tie sets or bow ties?  While the groomsmen style might not have altered drastically, it is certainly evolving. There are some noteworthy trends and fashionable choices available for the groom’s party if they are ready to experiment.



There are plenty of styles in vogue. An ultra-formal affair in a swanky hotel calls for tuxedos or well-tailored dinner jackets with black formal trousers. Groomsmen can don elegant, slim-fit two piece suits for a modern and fresh look. The classic three piece suit with a fitted waistcoat in a structured cut is timeless, a style that never goes out of fashion. Linen suits, on the other hand make a comfortable outfit for a casual event in summer while woollen jackets with trousers work for nippy winters. 



Tuxedos Style


Different Coloured Suits:

In order to look sharp and dapper, groomsmen can dabble in different colours. Though black and navy have been topping the colour chart for donkey years, men can get a little adventurous and opt for colours ranging from electric blue to burgundy right through greys or even pastels. This season’s hottest suit shade is tan. This light brown/beige hue is ideal for an outdoor spring, summer or autumn wedding.



 Hottest Suits Shade


Mismatched Look:

Groomsmen can follow the latest mismatched trend that is different yet not too different. The only criteria is that the fellas should present a well-styled unit.  Variations like different colour shirts under the same jacket is a perfect way for the right-hand men to flaunt a personal style yet look coordinated.



different colour shirts under the same jacket


Contrasting Colours:

The groom party can opt for contrasting and complimentary tones of the same colour like grey (ash, dove or charcoal) to project a smart and distinctive look. The men can select a few common items like bow-ties, or white shirts so that they look like a group without appearing an identical set.



bow-ties with white shirts




Ties and bow-ties:

Next comes the crucial neckwear. The groomsmen can decide to wear a traditional neck tie, neckerchief or even a bow tie. The trick is to pick a colour palette. Mixing bow ties with beautifully stylish ties, skinny or regular in different patterns and textures can create a consistent, dynamic look. Another fad is to match accessories, such as cuff links, studs, socks and pocket squares to make the gang look perfectly imperfect.



Wedding ties


Now that you know there are so many options for groomsmen available these days, what are you waiting for? Choose a style that reflects your personality and get ready to impress the ladies!