Skinny ties have become popular around the world and these tips help you decide how you want to flaunt them. From the formal to the most casual parties, if you wear them right, you’ve got your entire look balanced. Refer to this guide the next time you dress up for a party.



Blue Skinny Tie 



A tie says everything about a man’s personality. And nothing at all if used wrongly. When you want a tie to speak out about your fashion statement, you must wear it right. Slim ties are the most preferred option in this category as it can be used both casually and playfully. A trend that started sometime in the 1960s is not going anywhere anytime soon. Here’s a low down on how to wear it right.



The Formal Look



Mens Red Skinny Tie




When you buy skinny ties to go with a suit, the width should complement the width of the suit lapel. Even better, it should be the same width with just 2 buttons on the suit. This is where collar spread also plays an important role. Wear it with dress shirts with narrower collars.



Semi Formal Look



Justin Timberlake with Skinny Tie




This is the easiest to adorn. Simply team up your slim tie with a sexy button down shirt and use a vivid skinny ties. This is where you get all those reds, greens, blue and yellow going. The choices are endless. Even better, use them with well fitted pants. The idea of skinny ties is to give you a younger, fresh look.



Color Palette

The best ones are in solid colors and those that come with simple stripes. You should try and if you are someone who loves simple, chuck the fancy plaids and paisleys. Save them for traditional options. If you use a tie pin, it adds class to a skinny tie.



Completely Casual Look

Anything that has a collar and rolled up sleeves looks great with skinny ties. Wear it with a vest under your shirt; flaunt a bit of both and you look perfect. A good pair of jeans completes the look here. Experiment with colors but don’t go too far with it. Try and keep it casual and simple. If you know how to carry the bright hues you’ll get the casual look right.




You can pick everything from sharp to catchy prints which look great with a simple white shirt or one solid colored shirt. This is for the ones who can actually carry it. You can’t wear printed tie with a printed shirt. That would be recipe for fashion disaster.


When you buy skinny ties, keep it subtle and don’t go overtly bold. Prints are not something everyone knows how to carry. Keeping that in mind, choose your prints wisely. The best way is to go with subtle and sober ones.



The knots

Talking about suitable tie knots, Windsor is a bad choice with skinny ties. When you want a more casual look, let the knot be loose and asymmetrical. And then you have the four-in-hand knot which is always there to blend seamlessly with the look of a skinny tie.