Whether a man is wearing a silk tie or a bow tie, pocket squares will certainly help add sophistication and elegance that will help harmonize the entire look exceptionally well with almost any formal attire. However, only a few men prefer to wear a pocket square, not because they do not like it or do not wish to wear it, but simply because they are not sure whether they can carry the look with elegance or not. They probably think that they may not be able to spot and underestimate the power of the pocket square. Young men these days are ignoring the simple benefits of wearing a pocket square which must certainly be an essential of a gentleman’s wardrobe.


Changing the shirt and tie is a compulsion, but combing the same with a perfect matching pocket square which is neatly folded will help give new freshness that no other accessory will provide. It is to be noted that a perfectly folded pocket square can help give a classy look to the wearer. There are different folding techniques that a man can sport as per event and requirement.


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