The bow tie is one such accessory which all men cannot carry. The convention of bow tie wearers is that they are aberrant, slanted, highly intelligent, politically traditional and strong in character. Bow ties are associated with dolts, magicians, comics, circus ringmasters, scientists, pediatricians, lawyers, politicians and university professors. Bow ties are thought as unsexy and not the mark of a ladies man.


Bow tie lovers believe that it takes a lot of character to wear this retro piece of Neckwear. Bow ties are not for men who think too much about stereotypes. It is believed that if one wants to pull off a bow tie with style and elegance he should have the strength and character of a stage clown.


Hence, to pull off a bow tie with ease one needs to have that confidence to showcase it with elegance. However, there are certain things that the wearer needs to keep in mind before putting on a bow tie. For daytime wear, consider ties fashioned out of fabrics like, suiting wool, selvage denim, hopsack, and seersucker and Madras straight cotton. For evening formal wear, a black satin self-tie, is a classic and a wise choice. If you are the ones who loves to try new things, try combining it with a slim-cut, tailored suit, or a spring ensemble of a blazer, or short-sleeved shirt to pull that look smartly.


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