Fashion industry today, sportingly models skinny ties. These ties have exploded people and made them aware that skinny ties help make a fashion statement. Skinny ties are challenging to wear, but they definitely have a casual yet geeky yet chic look, which if worn, can definitely turn heads.


However, skinny ties cannot be the right option for everyone. It can enhance one’s overall look only if it is combined well. It is a must to wear these ties with a well fitted suit and a narrow collared shirt. If the suit lacks fitting, then it will give a shabby and a displeasing look. Do not match them either with baggy slacks. Keep the accessories minimal as far as possible.


A well matched skinny tie will look elegant and smart. Make sure that the knot of the tie is also skinny enough to match the tie. A fuller knot is a big “NO NO” for skinny ties. Well matched suit, with a well tied tie will help you stand out in the crowd. For skinny ties, it is recommended to go for a Four in Hand Knot. This will make the knot look sleeker and slender to match the overall look perfectly.


Skinny ties are made to grace special occasions. It will help you make a mark at the gathering. However, if your work surrounding is young and chick then skinny ties can be considered to match your attire for a perfect and a flawless look. Apart from this skinny tie cannot be worn to grace more conservative occasions. They are basically fashion accessories, which are worn by the youth to look trendy and smart. They can be best paired with casual jeans and a plaid shirt.


Skinny ties require that attitude, style, and confidence level to pull the look gracefully. They best go with men who are young, thin, and fashion conscious. While choosing the slimness of the tie, the body type plays a major role. If the wearer is on the plump side, the skinny tie will actually make them look fatter. Though, there is no rule saying that skinny ties can only be worn by thinner men if carried with confidence, it can be a great fashion accessory for one and all. Skinny ties are available in great colors and fashion style. Log in to online stores for numerous designs and styles.