Men’s fashion in Vancouver is constantly evolving. The city is a hub of fashion trends and keeps on showcasing new trends every now and then. Unlike a lot of cities around the world, men’s fashion in this city is also rising alongside women’s fashion. The latest trends in men’s fashion are that pertaining to ties. So here are some tips to find cool and classy ties for you this season and some insights into the latest trends in this sector:


  • Those of you who are not too much into wearing ties and suits can find it difficult to match a tie with a shirt or a suit. A safe bet will be to contrast your tie color with the suit, for example, wearing a burgundy tie with a navy blue colored suit.


  • The bow tie has become really popular among the men of Vancouver. Wear a simple shade or pattern to a party along with a shirt and a pair of denims and venture into the unknown territory if you are first timer. Gain confidence and then go ahead and experiment with different sizes and shapes.



Brown Bow Tie Set / Wedding Bow Tie Set



  • Wearing a scarf like a tie is also the latest cool. It goes perfectly with this weather and gives you an edge.


  • Try woolen ties this winter and surprise all at work with your fashion ideas!


  • Also ‘in’ is the skinny tie. These are perfect for those with a lean (not extremely thin) and toned bodies and are semi-formal, making them good as both day and night wear, especially if it’s a Friday.


Light Steel Blue Skinny Ties / Wedding Skinny Ties

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