Whoever said men don’t take fashion seriously didn’t really see what’s happening on the streets of Vancouver. The millennial men are taking fashion to a whole new level with styles and designs that never worked as well before!



Spring Summer 2015 Collections



Men put all the time and effort and thought into their wardrobes. Today, men are not just picky shoppers, they are thinking beyond just style, color and fits. They want to try something different and are not shying away from experimenting with new colors and contrasts. Let’s look at what the men in Vancouver are sporting this spring!


What’s with the reds?


Spring Summer London Collection 2015

Just when you called it the bold and upfront color, red dominated the Spring/Summer runaways around the world. And mens fashion in Vancouver trends are ready to embrace it. Yes, it’s a color which is deceptively difficult to experiment with. At the same time, it’s uncomplicated. This is a color that suits every skin and men are attracted to it for its raw power. It defines passion, sensuality and sexiness. The color for 2015 is vibrant tones. These were seen on the runaways around the years. Now when you are choosing something in red for men, you can’t go with over the top shades. So what is Vancouver wearing? Everything from subtle reds, dying embers to innocuous burgundies are making waves.

Let’s go back in time


Old Fashion Trends

While the world has doted over the 1960s for a fairly long time, guess what’s back with a psychedelic vengeance on the streets of Vancouver? It’s the 1970s all the way. Having it’s say in fashion, mens wear has now shifted its focus to the 1970s. What we have now from the retro era are suede with fringes and those heady floral prints.

From high street brands to leading luxury players, everyone is doting on these mens fashion Vancouver trends. So how do you sport this look? The best part is, 1970s was the time when the fashionsist as were trying a melting pot of style references. You had everything from hippies to punk rock.

Striped suits


Guess what’s back and how! Pinstripe suits have not always pleased fashion sensibilities in Vancouver like they do today. What’s particularly ground breaking this season is that designers experimented with this classic motif to give it a contemporary twist. Not only did it make the suit stand out but made it every bit worth trying. Of what was advocated by Salvatore Ferragamo for a really long time with its first striped suit with chalk stripe pattern, is now being embraced with grace by fashionable men.

Ties in solid colors


Ties in Solid Colors



Whether you love ties or need to wear one out of necessity, this is the time to go for solid colors. While the world is going with pastels, Vancouver is embracing all shades of solid colors and with poise. From formal outfits to casual ones, there is a lot to explore here. Thanks to the many interesting shades in suits, solid ties are taking an edge over printed ones.


High top sneakers

These have been doing the rounds for quite some time now but were never as prominently popular as they are now. These sneakers with high detailing were seen initially but are now even more in vogue. Don’t mistake these for those gymming shoes from the 70s.