While tying men’s ties, avoid these common mistakes!


Poorly Tied Knot- A mistake most people commit! A weak knot can mar your overall look. In fact, you may be considered shabby or even untidy for tying a knot that isn’t well defined and crisp. A tie tied too short, too long, or too flimsy with a wide gap between collars should be avoided at all costs. Make sure you practice your knots. Go for silks or synthetic ones that can be tied easily and don’t wrinkle easily.           


Poorly Tied Knot


Too Short -A tie should ideally land near the middle of your belt buckle. Whether you are taller or shorter, make sure that you invest in ties that reach to your belt buckle. Buying the right length of tie should be always taken into account.


 Too Short Tie



Wrinkled Ties-Neckties can make or break your look. So, never accessorize yourself with a necktie that’s wrinkled or stained. A wrinkled or stained tie will become a focal point of your outfit, drawing negative attention..


 Wrinkled Ties




Choosing the wrong width-Selecting a tie that doesn’t suit your body type or isn’t proportionate enough can be a fashion disaster! Of course, skinny ties are trendy, but they are not meant for everyone.  So, never choose skinny ties if you are on the heavier side and avoid selecting too wide ties if you have a leaner frame. So, keep your body frame and structure in mind while selecting a tie.


Wrong Width Tie



Clashing Colours and Patterns- Select colours and patterns that go with your overall ensemble and shirts. For instance, don’t accessorize with heavily patterned tie if you are already wearing something that has a lot of patterns. Similarly, don’t choose colours that clash with your appearance and personality..



Clashing colors & patterns



Make sure that you keep these 5 common mistakes in mind while investing in men’s tie.


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