Each of these types is made for various special occasions. You need to carefully choose which one to wear when and buy bow ties accordingly. Do not compromise on the quality and style and refer to this guide on when to wear which combination.


Bows have always held the fancy of nerds. But now they are a step forward and in many avatars. The bows are making it big on the runway. Find out which one will suit your personality best and make a fair choice accordingly.



The Classic Skinny Bow


Classic Bow Tie  


This is for the fun evenings when you also want to sport a formal look. Nothing too typical about this tie. It comes from the Rat Pack Era. Keep the size of the head and lapels in sync and you’ve got your look. If any one of the tow happens to look too small, the other one will appear larger. This gives it an awkward look.



Thin Bow Tie

This one is about 5” in size and gives you a really sophisticated look. It is for the times when you look all proper and less casual. It is a really balanced one and does not attract a lot of attention. It’s classy, subtle and definitely sexy. At a formal dinner or corporate set up, this works perfectly well and blends in with the formal evening.

Self Tie

This is your classic bow tie which is popularly called the freestyle bow tie. When you buy bow ties which come untied, you get to choose the head and lapel size as you tie them around. If you know how to tie them right, these ties take a natural form and slight asymmetry which has a quirkiness to it and definitely a sophisticated charm. Of course it wouldn’t have the precise look of a pre-tie option. When you want to look effortlessly debonair, flaunt this one with all the style. Self Tie



Clip-on bow tie

Clip on Bow Tie

These are perfect something when you want a balance between formal and casual. As the name suggests, these ties come with a clip-on. This is a pre-tied model with a metal clasp attached on the back which hooks right onto the collar of your shirt. These are preferably for young kids as they are a little immature in the way they appear for adults.



Butterfly Flares


Butterfly Bow Tie



Around 3 inches, these work best on men who have larger heads. These are great options when you talk about something classic as well as formal. They keep coming in and out of vogue but are a great option to have in your closet at all times. When you are looking for a tie that’s evergreen, this is the option you are looking for.


Diamond bow tie


Diamond Bow Tie



When you want to buy bow ties which look traditional but also want to experiment a bit and adventure, this is the bow tie for you. These are the ones that take inspiration from the stars. So everyone from James Bond and other action stars are seen flaunting this style. This is for the times when you really want to draw attention to yourself. If you are the focus of attention at a formal gathering, this is the bow that will make you stand out.


With the above guide on bow ties, you should be now well equipped to buy bow ties that suit your style, occasion, and dress.