Bow ties in Canada are a fashion trend for men that are popular not just on the red carpet but also for a simple night out. There are dozens of different choices that include solids and prints. Bow ties can elevate a man’s look to show that he really cares about his appearance. They can be worn to many different venues and events. Also, bow ties pair well with many different types of men’s button up shirts. These great wardrobe accessories also make nice gifts for Father’s Day, birthdays, and other gift giving holidays.

With so many great bow ties to choose from it might be hard to get just one. However, consider the occasion that the bow tie is for. A formal event, a casual date, or office work may all need a different tie. Think about the jacket that will also go with the shirt and tie. A bow tie can be worn with or without the jacket so keep that in mind when choosing between a solid colour, polka dots, or paisley. In addition, if a jacket is worn, perhaps a matching pocket square would make a nice added touch.

After you know what you are looking for you’ll be able to search all of the wonderful bow ties that are available. A popular choice is a plaid set that includes the tie, cuff links, and a pocket square. Plaid colours include reds and greys or gold and blues. These plaids pair perfectly with a nice jacket. However, for a more casual occasion with no jacket consider purchasing a fun polka dot tie in blue, grey, or dark green. Any of these ties are great options for many different men and for various occasions. The best option is the one that the wearer loves the most.

Bow ties in Canada are a popular choice of stylish apparel for men. They look nice no matter where he is going. It could be to make a positive impression on the first date or with a jacket and cuff links at a formal dinner party. Either way, the man must love what he wears and when he does, he will look fantastic in it no matter where he is going.