Accessories are considered as a vital part of a men's wardrobe, and one such accessory is the men’s tie. It is highly important that men follow their own style while choosing a tie rather than going with the opinion of their spouse or following the current trend. It is very important that the wearer follows his own liking while selecting a tie rather than blindly following the trend. The most favorite in ties is the striped tie which can never go out of fashion.


If combined well with an appropriate shirt and cufflinks, striped ties look extremely classy and elegant. However, make sure that while wearing a striped tie the shirt is kept simple and elegant, this is because the contrast will confuse the eye. In case you plan to wear a checkered tie with small squares, make sure it is paired with a shirt which has fine vertical lines. Apart from this, make sure that the shirt does not have the same size of stripes like that in the tie. It is to be noted that one should follow his own fashion sense, but should not opt for anything that is out of season. Stylists believe that a white shirt is the best companion of a striped tie, this is mainly because everything matches white.


The most easy and convenient way to shop for a tie is to browse online. The best designer ties are available at reasonable rates in online stores.