After an era of funky looking ensembles, classic is back. Men’s Fashion Ties in Vancouver has undergone tremendous transformations in the year 2014 to include classic designs with a modern twist. Ties are back, particularly the skinny versions, which adds a cooler look to regular ensembles. And with majority of men focusing on lean bodies and athletic shapes, these skinny ties add the touch of perfection to their casual attires.

This year’s men’s fashion has also seen a rise in the classic plain ties. Gone are the days when men would wear boring striped print ties for the office. With plain ties, they can experiment between different base textures and fabrics and choose something vibrant to add a dash of brightness and color to their ensembles. On the other hand, striped ties have evolved to get cooler. These ties, which were usually worn with formal ensembles will be seen more often with casual suits and attires, adding a gentleman touch to the look. Make sure that you experiment with vibrant colors and contrasts along with diagonally striped ties with your windowpane shirts to give a modern twist to your ensembles.

Men’s Fashion in Vancouver will see an upsurge of complementing tones and colors. So, those who seek to be trendier should pull out each of the colors on their fall’s plaid shirt and add it to their ties. But make sure that you keep it minimal, otherwise, you will look like a rainbow!

Try these accessorizing trend tips and look more stylish than ever. Visit our products to buy latest accessories with free shipping!