Ties have inarguably been one of the oldest accessories for men and have been their favorite accessory since hundreds of years. Believed to be originated in the 17th century, it is still considered the most fashionable accessory for men. From Cravats of the eighteenth century to skinny ties of today, the trends may have changed a little but ties still hold their numero-uno place among the fashion conscious men. This article talks about 5 places to buy ties online in Toronto.

When it comes to accessorizing, men don’t have too much choice as compared to women. However, ties add a lot of style and grace to men’s wear, if worn correctly. While there are countless places to buy ties in Toronto, some of them are either too expensive or some of them do not have the required variety. Let’s look at the top 5 online places to buy ties in Toronto.



1. Bestow Mens Fashion Ltd.


Bestow Mens Fashion Tie



Based in Vancouver, Bestow Mens Fashion Ltd is known for its rich variety in ties. From Bow ties to custom-made skinny ties, you can get it all here. Not only that, they also provide cufflinks, pocket squares, handkerchief etc. Good quality and amazing price, this is one store you should definitely not ignore when looking to buy online ties in Canada. Though based in Canada, this store also delivers products to USA should you choose to send a gift to someone in the States. With free shipping on orders above $50, this online shop has become one of the hot favorite among the Canadians for buy ties online.



 2. Aristocrats Bows n Ties

Located in Toronto, via this online store, you will be able to buy online ties which are stylish. They have everything in their collections that you may require for that ideal look irrespective of the fact that it is for formal wear or daily wear.




Aristocrats Bows N Ties



The range of products at this online shop provides quality, best style and value for the money spent by customers. They also have premium quality silk ties which have graceful stripe designs or featuring modish matt shine ties. The store also has a huge gathering of bow ties which are designed to sit ideally with their broad flexible bands.


3. Andrew’s Ties


 Andrew's Ties



Andrew’s Ties focus on handmade bow ties, pocket squares and neckties. When you buy ties from Andrew’s then it is adequate to provide you with an infinite look. You can also gift these ties to your near and dear ones. The ties and other accessories of this store personify for eras of fashion Italian artisan, and craftsmanship.With their continuous innovative arrivals as well as flexible pricing they have something for everybody.


4. Bay Cooper


Bay Cooper



Bay Cooper, a company with its base in Toronto produces handmade, premeditatedas well as sewn ties. You can also buy ties here which are custom-made ties especially for those who desire for something unique. This online store has a surprise for you. When you join their club they send you new neckties every month via mail. Apart from this they also provide you with some unique things all through the year.  Apart from this if you subscribe to their club then you will also get discounts on the items that you buy from them.


5. Handsome And Lace

Handsome N Lace

Handsome & Lace, an online store situated in Toronto is known for its creative ties and personalized bow ties. Though started as a women’s fashion Label, Handsome and Lace today is a famous store today for men’s neckties as well. It may seem a little pricey when you look into the store but the quality matches up with their pricing quite well.


With these 5 places to buy online ties, log on to any one of them and you will surely be smiling ear to ear when you wear that fashionable cloth piece.