A tie completes the formal look and complements the shirt well but if the tie is not well coordinated or matched with your attire; your desire to look good can go for a toss. Few basic types of ties are: plain-colored ties, striped tied and ties with abstract prints. These three types of ties have reigned the style arena since centuries and might  continue being a man’s wardrobe essential for the time to come. Striped ties can never go wrong for most of the occasions. Some of the occasions where men’s striped ties work well are:



1. School or college reunion

School is where most of us wore our first striped tie. If you are going for a reunion or any other formal function, a striped tie will never be a bad option. A thin-striped tie with white shirt can even give you a semi-formal look if you do not wish to be uptight formal.



College Striped Ties

2. Daily office routine

Striped tie is an easy pick in terms of daily wear office accessory. A multi coloured thin striped tie with pastel shades or basic colours can help you with most of the daily formal wear which you pick for office routines. Morning hassles might not give you enough time to do the perfect matching and a striped tie can do the trick in suc a scenario.



Daily Office Striped Ties

3. Weddings

Whether it is for your own wedding or for a friend’s wedding, a striped tie can help you to get that perfect look. Wedding is a semi-formal event. Depending upon your role in the wedding, you can choose a tie to complete your look. For example, if you are going to attend a colleague’s wedding, it is advisable to go for a semi-formal look rather than opting for a completely casual one.



Wedding Striped Ties

4. Interview

If you going for an interview and you have plans to wear a striped shirt with striped tie, you need to follow some style tips. Do not keep the scales and directions of both the stripes similar else you will project yourself as an optical illusion.



Interview Striped Ties


5. Presentation or conference

If you have to give a presentation to crack a deal or if you have to attend a high- profile conference,  a striped tie matched with a plain shirt and a scarcely-patterned formal suit can help you look more confident and stylish.


Conference Striped Ties



Other than these, there are factors like the colour of the shirt, colour of the background and stripes of the tie, height of the person and complexion of the person which contributes in deciding which stripes are going to work best for you. Don’t forget that trousers and their colours also have an important role in forming the complete look.