We know how stressing it can be sometimes to balance the costume that you wear. And simple and small things like accessories can either make or break your outfit. Hence the right accessory for a right outfit becomes even more important. In our list of most important accessories, Bow Ties top the list. Bow Ties were an essential part of the whole outfit back in 70s. But the trend lost its place after that. And now its back! Bow ties are breaking all the rules and making a solid entry in the field of fashion. The taste for bow ties has once again returned. Men are opting for bow ties more than ever and nobody remembers the usual standard long ties. Now while we know that bow ties usually are of three types pre-tied, self-tied and clip on, there are many varieties that it comes in. We bring you the varieties of these super stylish bow ties that you can use to heighten your looks!

1. Striped Bow Ties:

Striped Bow Ties


Having a pattern on your tie can never go wrong. But what about a bow tie? Patterns like stripes look fabulous on a bow tie. The cute little thing can look super classy with just a touch of stripes. Stripes also highlight the symmetrical shape of the bow tie and make it more elegant. We suggest you to wear these for all casual occasions.


2. Solid Color Bow Ties:

Solid Color Bow Ties


The beauty of anything lies in the eyes of the beholder. This statement is true as anything that pleases the eyes is mostly beautiful. And the choice of color makes a huge difference in establishing the beauty of an outfit. Solid colors are best suited for making the first impression. They are catchy and appealing. They automatically make the heads turn. And hence the bow ties in solid color are best suited for occasions where you want to draw more attention. To be strictly worn in formal occasions.

3. Plain Bow Ties:

Plain Green Color Bow Ties


Plain bow ties are the standard bow ties that are not flashy and yet classy. These are style setters and give you an elegant look. Bold black bow tie stands out as an epitome of classiness when worn over a white shirt. These are suited to be worn in weddings to give that humble look.


As the bow ties make a comeback, the market is also set to make it a grand one. With the immense amount of growth in the fashioning of these bow ties the retailers are throwing a brilliant range. One such brand which is famous for its bow ties is, Bestow Mens Fashion Ltd. They provide these varieties of the bow ties with an amazing and uncompromised quality. They have been in the tie business for a long run now and have always been trustworthy. A trend like bow ties, which began as a scarf that was worn by the Croatian soldiers, is now a fashion statement. So go ahead and embrace this change, for the change in fashion is the change in you.