When it comes to male accessories nothing adds more elegance and style to the personality of a man than a necktie! A wisely chosen and a perfectly worn tie has the potential to make a man stand out in a crowded room. It may surprise many but buying something as simple as a tie can be quite an ordeal because there is an array of styles, designs, colors and textures to choose from. Here we will talk style tips for super trendy oh-so-must-have skinny ties!


A rage in the sixties, the skinny tie (that ranges from 1.5 - 2. 5 inches in width with a standard length of 57 inches) faded away a few years later to be replaced by the traditional, wider ties. The retro style has made a comeback. Yes, the anorexic tie is really quite popular once again especially among younger men. From solid color skinny ties to those patterned ones, it’s proving itself to be one of the most fashionable ensembles in 2015. However, choosing the right skinny tie is a dilemma that many men face when out to buy one. Take into consideration certain thumb rules to avoid fashion Faux Pas with skinny ties.

1) Skinny ties for skinny men:


Though narrow ties and skinny ties are the in thing, fashion conscious men on the heavy side should refrain from donning one. Since it’s all about proportion, a skinny tie looks best on tall and thin men and but does absolutely nothing for those who are stocky and on the bulky side. 



Skinny ties for skinny men



2) Quirky & creative:

It’s best to avoid skinny ties at business formals unless you are trying to make a statement by being quirky and creative.

3) Skinny tie with casual attire:


Skinny ties are more suited for casual occasions and can be paired with jeans, a button-up shirt, rolled up sleeves for an interesting and relaxed look.



 Skinny tie with casual attire


4) Skinny tie with suits:

If wearing a skinny tie with a suit, it is best to pair it with a blazer jacket that comes with narrow lapels. Skinny ties also look stylish with carefully tailored single breasted suit with 1 or 2 buttons.

5) Four-in-hand knot:

When it comes to the knot a slightly loose and asymmetrical on fits the skinny tie style perfectly.  Most people are of the belief that a simple four-in-hand knot is most appropriate for a skinny tie.


6) Bold colors:


When skinny tie shopping, try to coordinate and complement colors rather than match them. Opt for a knitted texture or choose bold solid color skinny ties. Stripes and checks also look great, but polka dots and paisleys are a big no.




Bold colors skinny tie




7) Accessory:

For a sharp look just add a simple tie clip in polished silver or gold as a perfect accessory for the skinny tie.

8) Can you pull off a skinny tie?


Last but not the least, try on a skinny tie before purchasing one to ascertain if it suits your frame or not and to see whether you can pull it off.



While there are many retail stores that sell fashionable skinny ties, online shopping is another convenient option for people who want to incorporate skinny ties into their outfits. With online shops offering various discounts/schemes and good refund/return policy go ahead and start splurging on different types of skinny ties without any fear!