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Criticism of gambling advertising

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The biggest criticism of such advertising is that it normalizes this activity, making it believe that gambling is a normal daily activity.

Others are more critical not of gaming advertising in general, but how and where it is placed. In 2012 there was a scandal with the British Health Lottery, which in printed ads indicated that gambling is a good way to repay mortgage debts. For similar reasons, in 2016 was banned television advertising casino Sky Vegas, which promised every roulette player to make a rock star.

Gambling critics began their own advertising campaigns, warning of the inherent risks. In 2014, the National Gambling Council launched its own campaign. During the football championship, they hung up bigboards depicting two boys.

One of them said: “I hope that Germany wins, my dad put all his savings on them”.

The problem was that Germany still won the championship. And in order to achieve its goal, the National Council launched new ads involving the same children. “Your father’s team won. Did you get your savings back?”, asks one boy of the other. “No, my dad never stops.

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The Future of Gambling Marketing

Close up shot of a roulette

In recent years, the rules of gambling advertising are tightening. In the future, restrictions will undoubtedly be tighter so that children can not see such things.

The Daily Mail reports that in the period from 2005-2013 the number of ads advertising gambling on TV increased by more than 1400%. This represented 4 per cent of all advertisements shown on television, which raised concerns about their impact on children and other vulnerable groups (such as troubled gamblers).

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Advertising platforms will decide for themselves whether they accept gaming ads or not. For example, Google allows gambling ads (by certain parameters). While Facebook is much more strict about this.

Laws are constantly evolving and trying to keep up with the latest trends in gaming and advertising. This makes you think that legislation is always one step ahead of gamblers. So do not be surprised that as long as gambling is legal, casinos, bookmakers and lotteries will find a way to remind you of this fact.