Gambling goes online: how a gambling zone develops online

The market for online casinos is one of the most unexpected in terms of capital growth. Thus, the turnover of global gambling (gaming industry, such as online casinos) in 2023 should be 525 billion dollars. For example, in 2014, the figure was – 450 billion. The growth of 75 billion is more than serious.

I carry the casino with me.

If we talk about gembling from the standpoint of a variety of innovations “VR / AI”, then earlier Forbes experts in the forecast for 2018, noted the rapidly growing role of artificial intelligence and chat bots in online casinos and iGaming around the world. And here is a clear trend: everything now grows with the development and improvement of various virtual reality applications – VR.

Contributes to everything and the active use of cryptovalut in transactions in the system of online gaming. It is already clear that online casinos will receive more funds in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptov currencies compared to traditional fiat currencies. For example, online casino system Evolution Gaming directly says that those who bet in crypt currencies – roulette, poker, blackjack, virtual slot machines – have a better chance of growth. Express payments in cryptovalut online gives a strong impetus to the gaming industry.

Unambiguously clear trend of development and cross-platform games. Mobile iconic gambling via smartphones on the rise. And online casinos are increasingly adapting to the ever-changing needs of gamers. More than 50% of the income associated with online gambling now comes from mobile devices.

Now gamblers want to “carry the game” literally always with you – and place your bets at any convenient time and from anywhere – even from the office, park or home.

People playing poker

Finding Asia in the global gambling world

Europe is the leader in online gaming, with 53% of the world market. Next come Asia and the Middle East, with about 11% of the total market in North America, 7% in Oceania and Australia. The development of the Asian online gaming market is artificially hampered in most countries by government agencies. Although the heads of countries recognize that the prospects for this market is huge.

Asia’s presence in the gaming community has become more visible this year. In betting offices, bets from the Chinese middle class prevail: this is more than 400 million people. A growing number of players from countries in Southeast Asia, such as India, Japan, Thailand, which are still partially closed to the global gaming industry. Social and payment network number one in the region – WeChat – is already launching new legal applications for user bets in online casinos.

In the same China the state lottery, sports and mahjong bets (Chinese gambling with dice for four players) are allowed. Western online casinos are prohibited there. And if so, the Chinese use proxy gaming (playing online through an intermediary) to bet on Western sites. It is also obvious that the expansion of Western gaming companies in Asian countries is happening with the introduction of new global technical solutions.

Deck of playing cards with poker chips

Artificial intelligence tactics

It is worth highlighting three important nuances in artificial intelligence in the development of the business of gambling companies.

The first is

Acquisition marketing – attraction marketing. AI-analysis (Artificial Intelligence – AI analysis) of game patterns of each unique user. It is automatically decided which of the ideas of online casinos will give the best results for the involvement of a new participant in the game.

The second

Retention Marketing – customer retention marketing where AI is used to attract more new customers by instantly analyzing the expected behavior of the player.

The third

Fraud Management – fraud risk management in AI, which in the latter is very important for security in online casino systems.

The active use of bots in online games continues. High comfort and user confidence in new AI products and technologies are increasingly blurring the boundaries between online and offline.

Moreover, machine learning is increasing day by day. The synthesis of functions – AI’s image recognition and its ability to process data in real time – is also improving. Smart user identification, integration of payment solutions with confidential accounts and open user profiles in social networks are the factors that make machine learning more and more confident about its first roles in the gambling.

More and more online casino operators are paying attention to security in technological solutions in the gambling industry. In 2019, secure login technology will remain the focus of online casino operators. The goal is to allow players to login quickly without having to re-enter their username and password.

Solutions biometric verification of user identity by face scan and fingerprint, which have been successfully tested and implemented today, even in the budget line of smartphones, use online casinos: to allow players to get quick access to their account in the games.

Close up shot of a roulette

The virtual world merges with the real world.

Games with “live dealers” are extremely popular today among online players. This helps players feel like they’re in a real casino. More and more virtualization solutions for VR Tech are being developed – in games with live dealers. American Golden Nugget this year offers online roulette with a dealer in New Jersey – right from the casino room instead of the usual virtual casino studio.

Virtual reality is making huge strides in several areas, including the online gambling sector. Some games and casinos have already been created so that players can use virtual headsets to participate in games. Virtual Reality is the future for the same online casinos.

VR technologies are used in various industries. According to some estimates, by 2020 more than 100 million people will use VR technology to help them make online purchases. Now imagine how important this figure is for an online casino system. Users have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay. Take, for example, the slot Jack and Beanstalk from Netent or It Came From Venus! from Betsoft with its three-dimensional graphics and convenient settings. Software developers already have a lot of games that fit perfectly into the virtual world.

With consoles such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation, VR Tech is now the norm in the global gaming industry. Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard is a good choice for simple games with less visualization and more movement in space. Oculus Go and Daydream standalone headsets, which premiered in 2018, are starting to improve the trend for standalone headsets that don’t require a PC or smartphone connection (and can integrate not only with arcade games or shooters, but also with a goblin field).

People playing poker 2

Earn with hours

The latest trend concerns the development of IoT. With all the convenience for smartphone and tablet PS players, the gembling industry is looking at other online devices. Virtual reality is one thing, but here’s how to bet through “smart watches” – smart watches? It’s easy! Thus, British experts believe that this very watch will soon move any other device.

The smart watches industry is predicted to reach $19.62 billion in sales by 2020. Analysts from Microgaming talked about it back in 2015.

So now there are fewer and fewer obstacles in the world of excitement – as they say: would be willing to play – and he immediately satisfied with at least an artificial intelligence, though quite real.