Time and again on the Internet you can come across new blogs about online casinos. In some you can get really interesting information, but most of these resources still remain little informative. No wonder: today in the casino industry thematic blog – it’s primarily a tempting source of income. Webmasters of different levels of awareness plyuyuyut on the fascinating offers of affiliate programs, starting a thematic portal. In fact, there is nothing wrong with what people are trying to figure out. But most often authors understand the external side, and what about the internal? Where to go those who are interested in the principles of the industry and would like to try yourself as the owner of the game site?

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The outlook for the online casino industry is increasingly clear. The global online gambling market will expand and its aggregate annual growth rate will increase by almost 11%.

Recent work by TechNavio, a global research company, has shown that the trend of online gambling will continue until 2020.

The global online gambling market currently generates about $37 billion a year, and about 85 countries around the world have decided to legalize online gambling, according to the American Gaming Association.

According to the European Commission, online gambling revenue is around $15 billion a year and is growing faster than the rest of the world,” CardPlayer, a global online poker resource, said. The continent’s online gambling industry is growing at an annual rate of 15%.

Top European game-innovators continue to “raise the bar” for online slots and other gambling for the home and mobile player. William Hill VEGAS, a significant figure in online casinos, is the starting point of growth of the online gambling market. The company provides a powerful “cocktail” of quality games and emotions that players experience during online sessions.

Gambling industry in online format is growing so rapidly that it is difficult to record global statistics – changes occur literally every day. Last week mGamingWatch noted that the Spring Online Poker Championship (SCOOP) 2016, which takes place over 17 days at PokerStars, set a new world record for the amount of cash rewards in the history of online poker.

The total prize pool of $90,984,283.44 in 168 tournaments broke the previous record of $81,222,158.66 set during SCOOP 2014 and surpassed it by almost $10 million. These statistics are a perfect illustration of the global reach of online casinos and the growing interest in online poker.

The most solid online gambling market is in the UK. There are over 18 million accounts of online casino players from the UK, each of which wishes to participate in the world tournament. This month Vegas Mobile Casino, the leading mobile casino in the United Kingdom, announced the launch of new match slot games. These include: “The 100,000 Pyramid”, “Dungeons & Dragons: Crystal Caverns”, “Lil’ Lady”, “Shamrockers: Eire to Rock” and “Western Belles”. A large number of online games are expected to be launched in the near future, and manufacturers consider today’s realities the most successful for this area.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, from 2005 to 2009 the number of online slot games increased by 328%, while board games and poker increased the volume in the niche from 52% m 26% respectively.

Online poker is most favoured in the UK, as there are no restrictions on players as in other European countries. Players from the UK are free to “fight” in international tournaments as long as activities taking place on the online platform are not banned by the United Kingdom Government.

It should be noted that online casinos are not the only area that is currently experiencing a period of “flourishing. Cyber-sports, spreading everywhere, is already almost put on the same level as football and other popular sports. The era of digital opens a lot of roads for big market players to profit.

And how do you feel about online casinos?